Hurricane Survival – You Made It Through Harvey? How About ELEVEN Hurricanes in Two Years?

Hurricane survival tips

Tornado aftermath, hurricane survival

Hurricane Harvey has busted Houston, and environs, and our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected.

Way back in 2004-2006, the Survivalist went through the wringer. Emotionally, financially and also climatologically.

At the time, I resided in South Florida. That period of time was one of immense personal growth, struggle, hardship and you-name-it.

Especially as regards hurricane survival.

You’d think that putting two decades into prepping would allow some measure of comfort for when the SHTF, but as they say, all good plans fall apart when the enemy is first met.

Prior to this season, I’d been amassing goods and tools for well over a decade, in a modern, post-Andrew home of about 4400 square feet. I had made some modifications to the original plans, regarding weatherproofing, increased insulation around hot water plumbing, whole-house filtration and a well for irrigation purposes.

All-in-all, I felt pretty smug, knowing I had laid in a goodly supply of defensive arms, ammunition, reloading components and bladed tools.

I had thirty-six gallons of fresh, clean water. I had at least two tanks of gasoline stored. I had ALL the water purification gizmos, iodine tabs, survival gear, blankets etc.

Hurricane Camp

Camping out? How can this help with hurricane survival?

AND – I had thought I had a pretty good handle on communications and emergency procedures.

Then came Hurricane Frances. Then Jean. Then Charlie, Ivan, Rita, Wilma and even more that tore out the financial fabric and carpet of preparedness right out from under my feet.

I thought I knew the power of a hurricane, having weathered Andrew, David and about half-a-dozen others over my life.

But, nothing prepares you like being there. Thirteen weeks without power. Six weeks without running water. The devastation of your house, with downed trees, and busted windows, and torn roofing.

All of this events brought a few important things to my attention, but none more immediate than having people who have your back. Family -should- be those people, but most of the time I felt it was me providing the aid, not the other way around.

Good friends are also important, but when you’re all struggling in disaster scenario circumstances, it becomes apparent very quickly who your true friends are.

All of this is a prelude to a series of articles I will be authoring in the next several months, along with some video additions to YouTube.

Watch this space!

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